Lord Ferrers Awards Nominations 2019

What are the Lord Ferrers Awards?

The Lord Ferrers awards highlight the vital role volunteers play in support of policing, by giving up their free time to make communities safer and enhancing the effectiveness of policing across England and Wales.

The awards this year will recognise achievement in the following categories:

Ferrers special constabulary - individual award (open to all Special Constables)
Ferrers special constabulary - team award (open to all teams of Special Constables)

Police support volunteer - individual award (open to all police support volunteers)
Police support volunteer - team award (open to all police support volunteer teams)

Volunteer police cadet - individual award (open to all police cadets)
Volunteer police cadet - team award (open to all teams of police cadets)

Employer supported policing award (open to organisations that support employees to volunteer in policing, including CSAS accredited employers)

Leadership award (open to all Special Constables)

Technical Innovation award - individual or team award ​(open to all types of volunteers in policing)

OPCC volunteer - individual or team award (open to all OPCC volunteers)

The awards, to be held in mid-October 2019, are a key event in the calendar for those giving their time voluntarily in support of the police. Those presenting awards will be confirmed in due course. In previous years, presenters have included Ministers, Chief Constables and PCCs.
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