Windrush compensation scheme

You should read the consultation document before completing this survey. In addition we have inserted relevant paragraphs from the consultation document throughout the survey to assist you. 

Responses: Confidentiality & Disclaimer

Home Office controls the information you provide in your answers. Information is being
collected and processed by Home Office, with your consent, for research purposes to inform
the consultation on the Windrush Compensation Scheme policy directions. All information will
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Regulation (GDPR).

As part of this consultation, Home Office may publish findings from the research. If we do so,
we will ensure that you as an individual are not identifiable, and any responses used to
illustrate findings are anonymised. Your information will not be shared with third parties. It will
be retained for up to 5 years following the creation of a summary of the consultation, after
which it will be destroyed. Home Office will not disclose any information you provide unless
required to do so in accordance with access to information regimes (these are primarily the
Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Environmental
Information Regulations 2004).

Once you have submitted your response to the consultation you will not be able to withdraw
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regime, you have certain rights to access your personal data and have it corrected or erased.
You can therefore withdraw your consent to us processing your personal data at any time by
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