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Call for evidence


Message from the Lead Commissioner Sara Khan

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"Extremism is a generational issue. It is complex, multi-faceted and, for many people, an uncomfortable topic to talk about. That is why as an independent Commission our first step is to bring together people’s experiences, their insight and their evidence as part of our first-of-its-kind study into all forms of extremism.

This call for evidence has two sections. Section one is a short online survey asking for your personal experiences and insight into extremism. Section two is a request for any evidence you or your organisation has on the themes we have identified and provides an opportunity for longer answers to the key questions we are looking to answer in the study.

We are asking for anyone who is concerned about extremism to share their own experiences with us. We are also keen for academics, civil society groups, counter extremism activists and practitioners to share their insight and evidence as well as examples of good practice in delivering effective solutions.

We believe extremism should be examined holistically and will consider relevant evidence on programmes to counter terrorism, such as Prevent, and programmes which promote integration. We also recognise international influences can impact extremism and will consider international evidence and good practice provided that its relevance to England and Wales is explained.

I would like to thank you for taking this opportunity to share your experiences and evidence with us. Your input is a crucial part of building the comprehensive understanding of extremism that we need to challenge it effectively. We will analyse all responses carefully and I look forward to sharing our findings with you in 2019.”
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