This is your opportunity to share your views on the Swift. Certain. Tough. New consequences for drug possession white paper. The results of this consultation will inform the Government’s approach to reforming the way the criminal justice system deals with adult drug possession offences and to changing Drug Testing on Arrest powers.

The questions are in seven sections:
  1. Background questions
  2. Tier 1
  3. Tier 2
  4. Tier 3
  5. Wider impacts
  6. Operational best practice and new reforms for Drug Testing on Arrest
  7. Final questions

To help us protect your anonymity, please do not provide any information which might identify you or others unless you are specifically asked to do so. If you do provide personal information, for example your name, email address or organisation name, this will be held and processed in line with the Privacy Notice.

This consultation closes at 11:59pm on 10 October.