Take Part in Home Office Research - Access Needs

What is the Home Office external access needs panel?

Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) sits within the Home Office and conducts user research on how to make the digital systems that Home Office build accessible and user-friendly. This research panel is a database of people with disabilities or conditions, or who use assistive technology, who are interested in being invited to our research, to share their feedback and to help us design our systems with accessibility in mind.

Who can join the panel?

You can join the research panel if you have any of the following: 
  • Access need - also known as a disability or condition
  • Use assistive technology

What would joining the panel involve?
  • Completing our survey to tell us more about you.
  • Receiving invitations to take part in research we are conducting.

Any time we invite you to research, we will provide details about the research project, so you can make an informed decision about whether you would like to take part. You are free to withdraw consent at any time. 

If I joined the panel, would sort of research could I be invited to?  

We speak to you about your experiences with a certain government service, ask you to try out a prototype and give us feedback.

What data will you collect? 

We ask for:
  • Details about your condition or disability
  • Whether you use any assistive technology 
We collect this for research purposes only. This helps us to send you research invitations that are most relevant to you and your disability or condition.  Your information will only be shared with Home Office researchers and the Research Operations Team.  Anything you share with us is anonymised, and won’t have any impact if you have any past or future correspondence with the Home Office. 

We will hold your information for 24 months, however we will re-contact you to see if you still want to be on the panel. 

While you are on the panel, we will not contact you more than once a month for research opportunities.

Your right to withdraw or complain

Your participation in the panel is voluntary and you can withdraw at any time by emailing us at: researchoperations@digital.homeoffice.gov.uk