Review of First Responders - Frontline Staff Survey


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Frontline Staff Survey

You have received this survey as you work for an organisation that is designated a ‘First Responder’. First Responders are organisations that are able to identify and refer potential victims of modern slavery into the UK’s support mechanism, the National Referral Mechanism (NRM). For more information about which organisations are First Responders, please visit the NCA website.

To improve identification of victims of modern slavery, the Government announced it will strengthen the First Responder role by reviewing the criteria used to establish who should be a First Responder and how they should be trained.

This survey is part of the Government's review of the role of First Responders and we would like your input due to your experience in this area.

​You are not required to provide personal information to complete this survey, but you have the option of providing contact information if you are happy to be contacted should we have any questions about your responses.

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5. The Government is planning to launch a new digital referral form to simplify the referral process into the NRM.

If you would be interested in helping to test the digital referral form, and are happy for your contact details to be used for this purpose, please tick 'Yes' below and ensure you have entered your email above.