Conversations: Connecting Diverse Voices Welcome Survey


1. Introduction
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Thank you for your interest in the Conversation: Connecting Diverse Voices programme. When completing this welcome survey, please use the previous and next buttons to move through the online form rather than the forward and back buttons on your browser. This will ensure that you are guided appropriately through the form. Please note, this survey is held on a secure server. The only people who have access to your responses are the Home Office internal communications team who are trained in handling sensitive information and the CCDV programme leads who process the data for matching and evaluation purposes. The results are not anonymised as it is necessary to collect respondents' names in order to match the participants in the programme. Questions on characteristics are included in order to know who is taking part and ensure the programme is inclusive and reaching a diverse audience. You will also be asked to share more information on some characteristics such as mental health. This is to help facilitate the best matches. These questions are entirely optional.