Combating Drugs - Local guidance partnerships details


1. Please list the upper-tier local authorities that are covered by your Combating Drugs Partnership.
(You may select more than one area or use the comments box to add area not on the drop down list)

Choose from the drop down list
Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4
Area 5

2. What are your reasons for selecting the geographical area?


3. Who will be the SRO ?

Name:Job Title/Role:Organisation:Email:
Enter details here

4. Have you identified people for the other lead roles in the partnership yet ?

If 'Yes'. please give details below for each appointed lead.

if 'No'. go to Question 5. 


Name:Job Title/Role:Organisation:Email::
Partnership Lead:
Public Involvement Lead:
Data  and Digital Lead :

5. Please give the names and details of the partners who have agreed the proposed geographical area and named SRO

Local Authority Chief Executive
Local Authority Director of Public Health
Local Authority Elected Leader
Police and Crime Commissioner
Regional Probation Director
Integrated Care Board Chief Executive (or Chief Executive designate)
Additional Partners