Community and Ancillary Sellers Notice consultation

This consultation seeks views on the details for the Community and Ancillary Sellers Notice (CAN).
The CAN will be a new, light-touch authorisation under the Licensing Act 2003 that will benefit community groups and particular small businesses, such as bed & breakfast providers, who wish to sell limited amounts of alcohol as part of a wider service.

These groups have told us that existing licensing requirements are costly and heavy-handed in light of the small, low-risk sales of alcohol that they wish to make.
Before you answer this online consultation, please read the accompanying PDF of the consultation.

1. Questions about the CAN when used by ancillary sellers
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The CAN will be for use by small accommodation providers, for example B&Bs and guesthouses. Alcohol may only be sold to guests, for consumption on the premises. Regulations will limit the size of accommodation providers allowed to use the CAN.

1. What size of accommodation do you think should be determined a 'small accommodation provider' for the purpose of the Community and Ancillary Sellers Notice (CAN)?