Hate Crime - third party reporting

In March 2012, the Government published Challenge it, Report it, Stop it, setting out its plan to tackle hate crime based on three core principles to: prevent hate crime happening in the first place; increase reporting and victims’ access to support; and improve the operational response to hate crimes. A progress report and refresh of the plan was published in May 2014.

A key part of the Government’s commitment to tackle hate crime is to improve the recording of hate crimes, to provide a better picture of where the problems are and to help the police and others use their resources more effectively.  As part of this commitment, the Home Office has published Official Statistics on hate crimes recorded by police forces in England and Wales. The latest figures for 2012/13 were published in December 2013.

In order to continue our efforts to build a better evidence base on hate crime and to identify where we may need to do more to encourage victims to come forward, we are conducting a mapping exercise of third party reporting centres to gain a better idea of what services are running (and in which areas) and how centres are operating.

The survey will run from Monday 16 June 2014 to Friday 15 August 2014 and the results will be used by the Home Office to determine whether good practice information on third parties reporting centres is being used widely and if further information is needed.
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