Oxycodone Import Policy consultation

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Where oxycodone imports are restricted, the Home Office considers it may be appropriate to include in its new import policy a small number of exemptions for the import, from anywhere in the world, of oxycodone for specific, thematic use. Such use might include, for example:
  • clinical trials; and
  • research.
The Home Office is therefore keen to hear respondents’ views on:

  • whether exemptions for certain uses would be appropriate;
  • whether uses other than use for clinical trials and research should be considered; and
  • what quantity limits might be appropriate for each such use.
The Home Office has a number of more general questions that it would welcome respondents’ views on:
  • what the retail/wholesale price difference between oxycodone from UK/EEA/outside EEA is;
  • if the market was opened up to EEA/outside EEA, what proportion of the UK market  would be imported and what proportion domestically sourced;
  • whether oxycodone manufacture would remain profitable for UK firms if the market was opened up to EEA/outside EEA (please provide justification for your response.);
    Would the manufacturing of oxycodone remain profitable for UK firms if the market was opened up to EEA / outside EEA?
  • whether  there is room for innovation in the UK oxycodone market and, if so, whether opening the market to foreign imports could help to achieve this;
  • whether oxycodone manufacture, export and import can be considered in isolation or, given the limited sales volume in the UK, that parallel manufacture of other pharmaceuticals or intermediate products is necessary for economic viability; and
  • whether opening the import and export markets could encourage more UK companies to enter the oxycodone market.
In order to help us analyse the results  we may ask you to commit to some Yes/No answers but there will the opportunity for you to add a comment to explain why you’ve answered the question in that way.
The comments boxes in the consultation have no text limit. You will also be able to save and return to where you were in the consultation if needed.

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